holidays day 1: chilling with this cute cat we found

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good motto to live by 👌
what a nice plate of cookies
I swear my nespresso machine makes coffee better than any coffee shop. Probably because i judge coffee on the amount of frothy milk on top and with my nespresso I can put as much froth as I want haha

untitled by Monari Michele on Flickr.
Do not be fooled, my inari sushi looks very pretty in it’s packet but as soon as I decided to eat it I ended up with rice all over me
My friend made caramel slice for this charity bake sale and man I was so tempted to gobble it all up
Lemon Lime n’ B is my fave
Today I went out for lunch with my friend for her 17th birthday and it was so much fun cause I like never go out for lunch and I had this really nice pizza but now I am so full.. <3 thanks Natalie for shouting me ily
  • me: i'm gonna make you mine
  • me: *right click, save image as*

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